construction contracts

Construction Litigation

November 29, 2018

Entering into litigation is a business decision, as well as a legal one. Lawrence Law advises contractors on the risks associated with litigation, as well as the likelihood of success, so that you can feel confident knowing that your attorney has an eye on your bottom line. Collections Issues Lawrence Law is fully equipped to handle collections issues of all sizes in the construction industry. Mechanics liens have deadlines, among other strict requirements, and the courts are unforgiving. Whether you are an owner or a subcontractor, that information is relevant to your rights. In the case of a government project, a mechanics lien is not available, but government projects (and some private projects) provide for payment bonds which lower tier contractors can pursue in the event of non-payment. Lawrence Law has years of experience and success with surety litigation. If you want regular help with aging receivables, you may consider the Contractor In House Counsel Program as an appropriate solution for your company. Construction Defects & Delay Issues No construction project goes exactly as planned. It is important that contractors are only held responsible for delays or defects for which they are responsible. Lawrence Law can protect your company by legally limiting its liability during claims by the owner or general contractor related to your company’s timely and proper performance of its scope of work. Experienced legal representation and careful analysis of these claims can mitigate the damages applied against your company, and ultimately safeguard its bottom line.

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Construction Contracts

November 28, 2018

Whether you need legal advice while reviewing the other party’s contract, or help drafting your own construction contract, Lawrence Law can help you establish and understand the terms of your agreement prior to the start of the project. Subcontracts For most jobs, Subcontractors must execute the prime contractor’s subcontract agreement, which is imbalanced and intended to protect only the prime contractor. Lawrence Law routinely reviews subcontracts to educate and protect subcontractors from risks associated with payment clauses, indemnification, and liquidated damages, among other unfavorable terms and conditions. Teaming & Joint Venture Agreements Teaming and joint venture agreements can allow contractors to team up where, for example, one contractor has a small-business certification, while the other has greater bonding capacity or other resources to make the joint approach more effective. Joint venture partners need to consider putting the terms or their agreement in writing, including the degrees of participation from each partner, how funds will be tracked and accounted, how the profits and losses will be allocated, the indemnification provisions, and priority of payment with respect to vendors and joint venture partners, among other things. Home Improvement Contracts Residential renovators in Maryland are heavily governed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, which overwhelmingly favors the homeowner. Contracts must be MHIC compliant, in order to be enforceable. Lawrence Law helps residential contractors protect their interests by remaining compliant.

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employment law

Employment Law

November 27, 2018

Employers in Maryland are subject to a wide range of federal, state, and local laws. Our firm takes a pro-active approach to assisting our clients by counseling them on proper policies and procedures in order to prevent workplace problems before they arise. We work hand in hand with HR professionals to promptly respond to employment issues and quickly solve problems. Employment Policies and Procedures. Maryland employers are subject to numerous federal, state, and local employment laws. We assist employers by creating, reviewing, and revising policies and procedures in order to reduce risk and prevent employment issues. Employee Handbooks. Employee handbooks must be drafted correctly to give employees provide clear and proper notice of employer policies and employee rights. Employee handbooks may also be introduced as evidence in legal proceedings. Our firm drafts handbooks that are tailored to the nature of your company, project a polished and professional appearance, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Employment Agreements. Employment agreements must be properly written in order to be enforceable. We assist employers by non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, and other employment agreements in compliance with applicable law. Prevailing Wage Compliance. Construction employers in Maryland who work on public jobs are often subject to the requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act and the Maryland Prevailing Wage Act. We help employers make sense of the overlapping requirements of these acts in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Independent Contractor Agreements. Under Maryland’s “Workplace Fraud Prevention Act,” Construction businesses are held to a higher standard in Maryland. Employers must take proactive steps to ensure that employees and independent contractors are properly separated in order to avoid liability. We counsel employers on how to properly arrange independent contractor agreements for compliance with state and federal law. Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Claims. We help our clients understand and comply with employment laws related to discrimination and harassment by providing training to management and supervisors. In the event of a claim, we assist employers by conducting investigations and defending against claims before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and state agencies.

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corporate law

Corporate Law

November 27, 2018

Combining the strength of big firm expertise with practical in-house counsel experience, Lawrence Law provides clients with business-minded knowledge and guidance in every matter we handle. We will work with you hand in hand to understand your unique business needs, objectives and risks and counsel your company throughout its lifecycle, from formation onward. Our clients vary from corporations to limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships and sole proprietors. Our attorneys can structure, negotiate, and walk you through any business transactions to strengthen your business, hedge against risks and advance your company’s goals. Formation, Merger, and Dissolution of Companies Buy-Sell Agreements Redemption, Sale, and Transfers of Equity Operating and Partnership Agreements Board Formation Minority Business Certification

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