Entering into construction litigation is a business decision, as well as a legal one. Lawrence Law advises contractors on the risks associated with litigation, as well as the likelihood of success, so that you can feel confident knowing that your attorney has an eye on your bottom line.

  • Collections Issues
    • Lawrence Law is fully equipped to handle collections issues of all sizes in the construction industry. Mechanics liens have deadlines, among other strict requirements, and the courts are unforgiving. Whether you are an owner or a subcontractor, that information is relevant to your rights. In the case of a government project, a mechanics lien is not available, but government projects (and some private projects) provide for payment bonds which lower tier contractors can pursue in the event of non-payment. Lawrence Law has years of experience and success with surety litigation. If you want regular help with aging receivables, you may consider the Contractor In House Counsel Program as an appropriate solution for your company.
  • Construction Defects & Delay Issues
    • No construction project goes exactly as planned. It is important that contractors are only held responsible for delays or defects for which they are responsible. Lawrence Law can protect your company by legally limiting its liability during claims by the owner or general contractor related to your company’s timely and proper performance of its scope of work. Experienced legal representation and careful analysis of these claims can mitigate the damages applied against your company, and ultimately safeguard its bottom line.